Teaching As Collective Leadership (TACL) is an actionable and locally customizable framework for teachers, teacher coaches, and program designers to grow students as leaders of a better future for themselves, for their communities, and for all of us. The framework is based on insights emerging from collective studies of transformational classrooms around the world.


Teaching As Collective Leadership is a call for a different approach to education, one whose purpose puts growing student leadership at its core.

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The TACL framework has “PURPOSE,” “LENSES,” “STRATEGIES,” and “OUTCOMES” at the top. Under PURPOSE, a circle says, “STUDENTS AS LEADERS OF A BETTER FUTURE - FOR THEMSELVES, THEIR COMMUNITIES, AND ALL OF US.” LENSES has pieces “students as leaders,” “teachers as learners,” “community as power,” and “our work as systemic.” STRATEGIES has parts “LOVE & CONNECT,” “LISTEN & ENVISION,” “LEARN & DESIGN,” “FACILITATE & CHALLENGE,” and “REFLECT & GROW.” OUTCOMES section has silhouettes of children jumping with words

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Three educators wearing business casual clothes are seated indoors facing each other in a triangle formation. One wearing glasses on the farthest right is speaking, while the other two are smiling and laughing.

Learning about learning

Transformational growth and development require that we unlearn much of what we have learned about learning.